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ArtFuego® – exclusive fireplace accessories

Everyone who has at least once spent a charming evening in front of hypnotizing flames appreciates the magic of fireplace, which calms down, inspires and gives a sense of safety

We should, however, always remember that in order to enjoy the fireplace we should also take care about its proper functioning. That is why each fireplace user should be equipped with functional accessories, which apart from facilitating daily operation of the fireplace are also extremely attractive element of interior decoration.

The response to demand of customers looking for solid, produced of best quality materials, and at the same time beautiful fireplace utensils is ArtFuego® brand.

ArtFuego Akcesoria dla nowoczesnych wnętrz.

ArtFuego® is the brand of exclusive fireplace accessories present on Polish market since 2008. We offer a wide range of over 300 models manufactured in Italy and Poland, including;

  • toolsets (tongs, poker, shovel, broom)
  • log holders (wood baskets)
  • fire screens (single, double-, three- and four-fold)
  • steel and brass floor plates
  • match-box stands
  • fireplace, ventilation and air conditioning grilles.

As regards the material all above mentioned products can be split into 4 lines;

  1. Brass line made from solid brass, which includes;
    • glossy models made of polished brass
    • satin models (mat)
    • patinated models
    • „old gold” models
  2. Inox line made of stainless steel.
  3. Metal line including items made of metal varnished black, anthracite, grey and white.
  4. Leather line being a combination of steel varnished black and leather available in ivory, red, brown and black colours.

Thanks to a variety of design, used materials, finishes and colours ArtFuego accessories will delight both those who value classic elegance and the ones sympathising rather with contemporary minimalism. They will certainly enhance individual character of every interior.