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European quality, international prestige.

ArtFuego® stands for high quality exclusive fireplace accessories. We offer a wide range selection of tool-sets, wood baskets, fire screens, floor plates and other products.

The ArtFuego® offer consists of a wide range of over 300 products necessary during daily operation of a fireplace.

Depending on the style, the material used for the production or their practical application they can be divided into various groups.

ArtFuego® quality.

Already since 2008 we constantly work to have the best fireplace accessories on the market. Buying from us gives you the certainty of receiving the highest quality products.

In case of any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Office. Our expert will answer all of your questions.

ArtFuego® – exclusive fireplace accessories

Zestawy Kominkowe ArtFuego® - inox,mosiężne,stalowe,skórzane


Sets of fireplace utensils


Kosze i pojemniki na drewno ArtFuego®


Wood baskets and log holders


Blachy ozdbne i ochronne ArtFuego®

Floor plates

Decorative and protection plates to be laid in front of the fireplace.


Parawany przed kominek ArtFuego®

Fire screens



Kratki kominkowe i wentylacyjne ArtFuego®


Fireplace and ventilation grills


Stojaki na zapałki kominkowe i pozostały asortyment ArtFuego®


Fireplace match-box holders and other products